KATRINA KAIF- Learning bhojpuri language

It might be interesting to know that beautiful and sexy Celeb of Bollywood katrina is now interested in learning new languages. This half British celeb had to take up Hindi lessons when she just joined the industry as she was week in Hindi and today Katrina Kaif is among the leading damsels in Bolly industry.

But this is more interesting to know that now this sexy siren of bollywood is now adressing her fans in a few Bhojpuri words. Recently, she had been to Bihar for the promotion of her movie 'Raajneeti' and made an effort to address her fans in Bhojpuri. Though she can not speak it perfectly and made some small errors, her effort was still appreciated.

Katrina is one of the most brilliant and talented actresses of Bollywood who came up with no filmy bacground and had always attempted to learn new things, new languages and that is why she is one of the most sought after stars in the industry.

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