Hot celebrities of Bollywood look younger by effective anti-aging process

Every man and woman today on this earth wants to look younger and beautiful and do all the possible things to make them beautiful and young for long time. Most of the celebrities from bollywood who got older by time use various anti-aging processes to look younger and beautiful for long time.
They include rich antioxidants fruits and vegetables like the dark colored fruits and berries which are recommended for the effective anti-aging. Eating fresh, wild caught sea food as well as vegetables also helps in reducing the wrinkles, keeping the skin look younger for long time.
Glutathione is the vital feature found in all human cells and is an Ultimate Natural Anti-Aging Anti-Oxidant and helps naturally in anti-aging process.

Celebrities and hot stars of Bollywood prefer to include carrots, tomatoes, cabbage, water melon, cucumber, and other vegetables that are rich in antioxidants and help them in keeping their skin younger and sexy for long time.


The world of Bollywood stars is not called Mayanagri just like that. It’s all because they earn lakhs and crores and spend in the same ratio. The number of dresses and shoes they have and the money they spend on it cannot be imagined by the common man and it’s just a dream for you and me.

Do you guys know that King Khan of Bollywood, Shahrukh Khan, loves international label jean.  He is very specific about the fitting of his jeans. Shahrukh Khan is having a collection ofmore than 200 white t-shirts and jackets. King Khan is so fond of jeans that he is having a big collection of 222 pair of jeans. White and black are the favorite colors of Shahrukh.

 According to Karan Johar, a very successful producer and director and a very close friend of Shahrukh, King Khan is crazy about jeans and its fitting and he does not buy one until he is well satisfied with its fitting. Karan himself is a very stylish and fashionable person and he is having a great collection of LuieVitto bags. Karan is also crazy about sun glasses. He is having number of stylish and branded sun glasses.

The life of Bollywood stars is just like a dream. They spend so much on their shoes and clothes that a common man can just imagine. The number of shoes and sandals of our stars start from 100 to 200 and goes in thousands. Whenever they go foreign for their shooting, they do shopping whole heartily and bring back lots and lots of shoes, clothes and accessories. These branded items and stylish accessories enhance their personality and this is the reason why every person wants to look like them.

Shahrukh Khan is not only a top star of Bollywood industry but also possess a most fashionable star tag with him.

Imran Khan, the latest sensation and chocolate boy for his female fans has a unique collection of ties. He likes to keep even his oldest ties safe and wears them occasionally with best matching outfit and a pair of shoes, another collection he has maintained.

I wonder you would be equally interested in peeping into Saif's closet. Besides fancy shoes and expensive clothes, you will find costly watches there. Saif has a big collection of sports watch which he occasionally exposes in his photo shoots.

A man at forty looks so stylish; yes it’s Akshay Kumar I'm talking about. Who is not aware of his style statement? He is particularly interested in sneakers and has a limited, but a rare and amazing collection of sneakers.

Gul Panag's collection is quite different from usual but is equally interesting. This sexy and hot lady of Bollywood has a large collection of lingerie and it is believed that she has more than 85 pairs of lingerie of all top brands. She says she is more interested in looking for the best lingerie for her when she travels out of India in the foreign shops. The color and design usually depends on her mood.

News that made many actresses complex was Celina Jaitley's statement about her shoe collection. She has a collection of 1300 pair of shoes. She says she is crazy for footwear since she was a kid and she had more than 90 pairs when she was just entering teenage. The first thing she decided about her apartment was to manage a separate room for her shoes alone. Though her room is full of more than 13,000 shoes, she uses just 8 of them in her daily life. The collection is unique also because it consist gold shoes with diamond on them.