Kashmera again in Fame with some Dirty Talks

Beautiful, Busty and fair skinned, sex symbol kashmera Shah rose to fame because of the controversies. This hot actress of Bolywood who appeared mainly in the side roles in some films created a heavy storm by calling certain actors 'liar' and 'hypocrites'

This voluptuous figure actress is nearly out of work and tried to  rise her fame yet again the launch of Mahesh Manjrekar's film 'City of Gold', where in the middle of a press meet, she took a potshot at actors saying, “Nowadays, the actors who say that they get plenty of scripts everyday but don't have time to go through them are nothing but big liars!”

Kashmera also does not hesitated in the presence of veteran actors like Satish Kaushik and Seema Biswas and added “The reality is- they (actors) don't even have a single script in their hand!”

“I don't know why some actors do things like that, I mean, what's the reason?”

Kash went on and said “Talking about myself, I get only 2-3 projects in a year but let me tell you they are substantial projects. Moreover, I'm proud that at least I don't lie like other stars do.”  She also said that “I don't want to take their names as everybody knows about them!” 

These all showed the real cheap things that are used by the actors in the Bollywood to come up in the fame and publicity. Hope they do so by giving their better performance on the screen for which they are really meant for.

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