Kareena and Saif said, they have not married secretly

 Its in air for few days that our 'Babo doll' Kareena and Prince 'Raja' Saif ali Khan have married secretly.  But the two hot couples have been fed up of all these media reports and saying that they’ve gotten married secretly.
They also feel little bad to report that according to media the couple has hidden the wedding not just from the public but also from their families.

There were rumors that the two of them got engaged in the presence of a maulvi on February 6th at Saif’s residence and that he’s also gifted a car to Kareena. from this the couple is in bad mood and Kareena has asserted that these rumors have no sense to them and that the couple will marry only after five years. 

It is totally upto them, for how much more time these couple and celebrities have to bear all these gossips and humours from the media. any ways they have to bear it, they can't do the battle.

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