After playing 12 characters in Ashutosh Gowariker’s ‘What’s Your Rashee’?, it seems like priyanka suits well for the multiple roles this season.
As Priyanka Chopra has been signed to play seven brides to seven husbands in Vishal Bhradwaj’s next film, ‘7 Husbands’.

According to sources reveals, "Vishal was very impressed with Priyanka's work in Kaminay.
While scripting for 7 Husbands, he had already made up his mind to cast the actress in his next film.

The source also said that "In 7 Husbands, Priyanka will have different get-ups for each different wife."

"The movie is still in the making process and will go on floors next year after Priyanka's
dates are available and the seven actors had been finalised for the husbands role."

Neetu Chandra, no desires of getting Zero size

Bollywood star Neetu Chandra says that she has no desires for getting size zero and only believes in toning her body according to the need of the film she is working in.

"I don't believe in a zero-size figure. But I believe that the body should be toned in the right way" Neetu told reporters, replying to repeated queries on whether she has put on weight. "On the contrary, I have shed some weight, " she added.

"I first try to understand the little nuances of my character. Then I dress up accordingly, " she said, describing herself as a casual dresser. Neetu also said that "I really like the look of the outfit I am wearing. Though I am a very casual of kind of person I carry myself according to the place I am going to, " Neetu said.

Neetu has half a dozen films lined up for release this year and is presently shooting for a seventh in South Africa, for Anees Bazmee opposite Sanjay Dutt.

Bad security of Priyanka

Priyanka Chopra recently gone through a bad security when a girl walked past the guard right into priyanka's building telling herself as a fan in a Raj Classic in Versova. The girl gave the guard with some excuse and ran past them.

She also clicked pictures of the door to Priyanka’s house. The guards, who are used to people coming to meet actors and actresses, then, realized that they had been tricked and rushed to catch her and get her out of the complex.

When Priyanka heard about this, she wasn’t very happy. She has also told the watchmen to stay alert.