How our Hot Bollywood Actresses look in their real life

Gorgeous Aishwarya Rai                                                                                        
                            Hot Ayesha Takia
Sexy Bipasha                                                                                                                 
                                                                       Hot Celina Jaitley
                              Stunning                                                                                                                               Deepika Padukone
Bebo Kareena Kapoor
Hot & Sexy Katrina Kaif               
Sweet Priyanka Chopra
Item Girl Rakhi Sawant
                                                                            Sexy  Preity Zinta

Hot Bollywood Celebrities Loves the Way to ‘Jewelry’

Today jewelry is a favorite among all. Be it a hot super star or a common person like you. Jewelry attracted these celebrities from the past and is a favorite among them. Not only these celebrities love to wear these gold 401k jewelry, they also love to promote them for which they are paid heavily. For instance our sexy and hot bollywood superstar Bipasha Basu loves to wear jewelry and is a brand ambassador for GILI. GILI is a famous brand name of the Indian house jewelry and is becoming favorite among common Indians and superstars because of their IRA gold.

Similar to this, Aishwarya Rai and Katrina kaif who are the young sensation of bollywood and heart throb of the nation are brand ambassador of the brand Nakshatra Diamond and gold jewelry. These two beauties made the brand known among common people and people love to wear gold IRA jewelry by Nakshatra. These heart throbbing beauties are favorite among youngsters and are craze of the world. People love to see them and follow them gracefully.  These beauties help to make the brand strong by their looks and beauty. You can of course follow these hot beauties and look cool by purchasing the cool jewelry. But do take care of your pocket and budget as well, as these beauties are made to empty up the pockets and heart of men and are ruling all over the world.

Farah khan's choice changes from Shahrukh to Salman

The days have passed when Farah Khan used to give importance only to Shahrukh but today her choice have changed from King Khan to Salman. Farah and Salman are now good friends and she have even once expressed her desire to work with Sallu in the coming day

Farah thinks that SRK won't be suitable for her new film, 'Tees Maar Khan' and so she opted for Akshay kumar for the lead role.

 Things are really changing and so are the priorities in Hot Bollywood.

Bollywood song on lips can bring back a missing child !

Hot Bollywood News-Who says Hot Bollywood songs are destroying our young generation? Songs sometimes save their lives too.

It will sound strange or filmy but the Hot Bollywood fever is very high on the minds of small kids today. Kids who cannot talk or speak their name properly are busy singing some of the Hot Bollywood songs every now and then. One may say that it is not a good practice but recently a missing boy was found by the police with the help of this same habit of the kid.

Akshay Kumar’s movie De Dana Dan could not do much at box office but the song ‘paisa paisa ….’ of the movie has surely been a super hit song. Today every third person is humming this song and enjoying it.

Here is a live incident of bring back a missing child with the help of this same song. Few days back, a class 1 student went missing from Badarpur. When the boy did not returned from school, his father being worried for his son, lodged a complaint at Badarpur police station.

Police asked for some clues to identify the boy on which father said that the boy is mentally unstable and may even not be able to tell his address or his father’s name. The only clue which the police could get about the child was that he use to hum “main baarish kar doon paise ki jo tu hojave meri”. Child also uses to whistle while humming this song.

The clue looked strange and small but the cops took it seriously and informed all the nearby police stations about the missing boy and his singing habit. One will get surprised to know that the cops were able to find the boy in no time. This only became possible because the boy was found singing the same song as told by the family. Though the boy could not explain where he had gone or what happened with him, he could only remember and sing “paisa paisa” and the song never fails to skip his mind.

SALMAN KHAN –Wah Re India….Rice 40Rs per kg, Sim Card free

Salman khan one of the best actrors of the Hot Bollywood Industry is very upset with the present situation of India. According to this Hot Bollywood Star , India have everything, it is just the system is not correct and up to date.Salam says in India we get car loan at just 5 percent where as education loan is up to 12 percent.

Hot Salman asks a simple question, What is India?

In India we pray and worship Lord Durga but on the other hand we kill our own daughters before the birth itself. In the Olimpic games for shooting one gets the gold medal and our government gives 3 crore rupees but on other hand when a soilder dies while fighting at border, the same government provide their families with just 1 lakh Rupees.

Salman in his anger but as others just helpless says that this is our great India where for rice one have to pay 40 Rs per kg where as Sim Cards of mobile are absolutely free. Is this our developing India and with such situations can we have a better India tomorrow.

As this Hot shining Bollywood star, every other citizen of our country wonders today; What all luxury will we get free tomorrow and how high we have to pay for the drinking water and our daily meal in the near future.

Hot and Gorgeous Sonam Kapoor

Sonam Kapoor is todays most happening and demanding chori of Indian Bollywood. Starting her career with Sanjay Lila Bhansali's film Sawariya, Sonam has given many great movies like Delhi 6 and i hate Love Stories. Aisha is the new movie in which we all can see this hot and naughty babe.
Although the career of Sonam started as a struggle with Sawariya but now she is doing great and achieving success at every step. Today Sonam Kapoor is best known by the name of Masakali by her fans. She got this name from her film Delhi 6 but Sonam herself does not like to be called Masakali.
Hot and naughty Sonam want to be called Anarkali. While doing her film Ayesha, Sonam stated that she want to play the role of Anarkali. She also said that if her wish comes true of playing the role of Anarkali, she would like Abhishek Bachchan to play the role of Salim while Amitabh bachchan in the role of Akbar.

John Abraham on the Path of Jenifer

It is shocking to know that Bollywood actor, hot and dashing John have decided to walk on the path on Hollywood actress Jenifer Lopaz. John will now have his bumbs insured as done by Jenifer Lopez recently. It is heard that the insurance will be near about 100 million dollars.

John have himself stated that his talks are going on with many people on this matter and it will be done soon but till yet he cant say much on this topic. It was only after the success of his film Dostana, in which John left a sex appealing image in the minds and hearts of his fans, John decided to take this step.