Blue film makers rope in Katrina Kaif.

katrina kaif has signed up to act in the Blue film infact we can say that the film named BLUE. She has been paid Rs. 1.5 crores for doing this service to a udience.

Katrina Kaif is acting in the Blue film officially. The name of the Bollywood film is "BLUE" and it is not a typical underground blue film like you would imagine or just strike your mind when you hear blue film. Hot and sexy Katrina Kaif

is the Bollywood heroine who is doing an item song

for the film titled Blue.



In Mumbai, Superstar Saif Ali Khan promoted his forthcoming film Love Aaj Kal on Radio Mirchi. The film in which he is paired with Deepika Padukone is due for a release soon.

short story and
Synopsis :

Love Aaj London, San Francisco, Delhi - 2009. Jai and Meera is a modern-day couple in London. They are very happy together but do not believe in tying each other down. So when life pulls them in different directions, they decide to go with the flow. “These Heer-Ranjha, Romeo-Juliet type janam janam ka saath type couples exist only in story books”, Jai says. In the real life, we have to be practical. Love Kal Delhi, Calcutta - 1965. Veer Singh is struck by the thunderbolt when he sees Harleen for the first time. Soon after, he stands under a tree and swears that “is janam mein aur har janam mein… yehi meri votti banegi – Harleen Kaur.” He travels a thousand kilometers by train to stand under her balcony only to have a glimpse of her face. And yet not speak a word with her. Love Aaj Kal Veer does not understand how Jai can treat matters of the heart without passion, like a financial transaction. Jai does not understand how Veer Singh could have been so naïve and silly about Harleen in the days of his youth. But as both stories unfold, we realize that the process of relationship might be different in different eras, but the experience of being in love remains the same. So there is the frolic and despair of modern living. The liberation and confusion. And there is the past – the times of innocence and compulsion. And there is distance, and the fondness that increases with distance. Gaps widen between two people, but bridges keep growing too.

Love Aaj Kal official website


SHAHID IN SALMAN’S STYLE in the film kaminey

Shahid Kapoor starer film named “Kaminey” is ready to be out soon. In this film the looks of Shahid is much alike of Salman khan. In this film by Vishal Bharadwaj Shahid is in the style of Salman as he putts off his shirt in this film like Salman does it. According to Shahid the film needed him to do that and of course V.B. also wants to present Shahid in his way in his film.
Shahid also added that he has his twin brother in this film which can be a attraction for Shahid’s fan as they will look two Shahids in one film. Shahid’s character is presented differently here, different from his earlier characters.

In this film Shahid worked out a lot to give him a new looks of his. Abbas Ali his trainer says that Shahid worked for about eight months to get these looks of his.


Rithik’s statue is also taking its place in the famous museum named MADAM TUSAD MUSEUM in London. This is a great proud for india and of course for Rithik himself. Every one in india had heard of this Museum when the statue of Mr. Bacchan took its place there. And after that shahrukh’s was added there. This is great for Indians and they felt very happy about it.

This news is not how ever confir
med but had arised when some of the official members of this museum met Rithik and talked about it but not clear about what they talked. But most probably in this case only.

Some of Rithik’s fan also says about it
that Rithik had not yet gained that height of being SUPER STARS as compared to Amitabh Bachan and ShahRukh to take the place there. But it seems that museum is now trying to add more and more statues in their list and are finding their deserving stars for that.

Shahid is nominated for 12th Rajiv Gandhi award. Sachin Tendulkar,
Sunita Williams, Mukesh Ambani and Amitabh Bacchan got this award before it. Excited from this news Shahid says “iam only 28 years and getting this award in this short period of my working carrier is a big thing to achieve for me. I also thank jury for this.”


Bollywood had provided much name and fame to the celebs from Bihar. Shatrughan Sinha, Shekhar Suman, Manoj Bajpai, Kum Kum are some to name which leaved their s

igns on bollywood.

Neetu Chandra is also among new stars who can get fame in this industry.

Neetu Chandra is from patna and is trying hard and stretching her hands to touch the skies of boolywood.she proved herself hit the film “Garam Masala” (2006), a film by PriyaDarshan.

She also worked in “Traffic Signal” a film by Madhur

Bhandarkar. And now she is busy doing film by Ramu (Ram Gopal Verma) named “Rand”. This film also stars Amitabh Bacchan.

She came at this point of her carrier without any godfather which is a big thing to her in this bollywood.

She is also working with Anij Bajmi in his forth coming film “No Problem”.


Today all the stars of bollywood placed them on multi screens. The are not doing only in big screens but of course on small screens also. Now the stars are trying to be in touch with their fans by taking place on the internet. They are personalizing their sites and want to have in regular touch with their fans and well wishers.

But the sad part of it arises when there arises a question of updating these websites. Some of them have not been updated for six months and some don’t have enough knowledge and content of that particular star which their fans are searching for. Some sites placed in this category are:


This site is still finding its way to update it regularly and providing some knowledgeable matter into it. Much are not going to this site for this reason only.the visitors can only find some attractive photos of him and not much else about Ajai devgan that people wanted to know about him.


This site of Salman khan is also among this category and was not updated regularly since last

few months. Only the attraction is that

Salman had his biography on it.


This site welcomes its viewer by the poster of Amir in Ghajani.

Chat and blog is only the two option and also are not working properly.


This site is unable to give any sort of personal

knowledge about A.R. rahman. Sound tracks

added in this are also some old ones of his. Next year it is

believed to add a biography of AR rahman in it, which can attract the visitors and his fans to his site.


this site contains his biography and some old photos of Bappi Lahiri. This site gives a fine idea of his looks and the dressing sense of Bappi DA.


He is much close to R.K. studio and football which is clear from his site. Football match covers a great part of this site. ‘my journey’ ‘wall of fame’ and ‘my passion’ added their attraction to this site.