Hot sexy and saucy ads

It's not only BOLLYWOOD, music videos or movies that are getting sexier and hotter these days. Just switch on your TV sets and you will be bombarded with sexy and saucy ads. Let' have a look at the sexiest and the Hottest ads....

Kangana Ranaut never looked so much hot as she looked in the 'Levis' jeans. She is the brand ambassador of the brand and has no qualms in exposing for the same. She also does not felt any hesitations about exposing while doing her films. That’s a story apart…..

Who would have thought one could perform foreplay on fast food and other food items? That's what Padma Lakshmi did in her ad. The ex-Mrs Salman Rushdie made waves for using her sex appeal to sell junk food. Probably paid much to do these act.

Akshay was seen in a series of ad campaigns for the brand. He looked hot and every time hotter in each and every ads he performs. This ad was a treat for all his fans as he looked his hottest best in the unbuttoned jeans and shirtless.

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