Cross dressing in Bollywood

She or he of bollywood

Cross-dressing is one of the important roles played in the bollywood from a long time. It adds a different flavor to the films which creates comedy and provides some new to the audience.
The hot stars today don’t hesitate to do these types of roles of cross-dressing.
Cross-dressing means Kamal Hassan in “chachi 420”, Govinda in “Aunty no.1” Ajay Devgan in “golmaal returns”, etc. meaning male doing female roles and female stars in male getup.

This is not a new concept in bollywood but has been played from a long time. The stars neither then nor now had any hesitation in playing these roles. Today not only male stars but also female stars are doing some films or some scenes in male get up to provide some change in the films, which is much appreciated by the audience.

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Bollywood also had seen the time when only male stars are allowed to work in the films or better saying that only male do the roles in the films whether it is male character or female. In those days girls do not feel suitable to work in the films. Girls are not supposed to work in the films because this work is considered to be not worthy for girls and girls from a reputed family can not do this work.

But time changed a lot and now actors and actresses are doing these types of role. Hot Rani mukherji in “Dil bole Haddipa” is doing a Sikh boy role and can be seen soon in her film. This shows that actresses also like and have fun in doing the roles of opposite sex for which they can be remembered by their fans for a long time.

Actors are doing these roles from a long time whether it is in full film or a small role in some scenes. Amitabh Bacchan, the God of bollywood also got the opportunity of playing a role of a woman in his film “Lawaris” in which his fans much appreciated him.

Amir worked as a hot and sexy and handsome girl in his film named “Bazi”. Not only this he had recently done an ad in which he can be seen in both man and woman character at the same time. Half of his body had a Punjabi girl getup and half of the body had a getup of boy. In this advertisement so called Mister perfect of bollywood i.e. Amir khan played a mixed role of man and woman characters which was appreciated by the audience and the brand got famous very rapidly.

Sanjeev kumar, Paintel, Rishi kapoor, Salman khan, Shakti Kapoor, Anupam kher, etc. are some of the bollywood stars who played these cross dressed roles on the Big screens and were much appreciated in their time.

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We already talked of Rani in her latest coming film Dil bole haddipa by Yash Raj films. There are more actresses also who had appeared in the male getup but their number is of course less than male stars doing female roles. Sridevi, Aishwarya, Rani mukherji are some to name who had done some small cross dressed roles in their films.


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