Bollywood is everywhere these days. Whether It's movies like 'Slumdog Millionaire', or a tour with Britney Spears. Well, Bollywood has even made its way onto Twitter! Yes that's right, the Bollywood stars you know and love on HOT BOLLYWOOD! are updating you on their lives via Twitter.

Twitter is a social networking site in the vein of MySpace and Face book that lets you 'follow' instead of 'add' friends. It's not as filled with crazy apps and quizzes as the other two sites. Most of the pages are basic with a profile picture, updates, actions, favorites, and people you're following and those who are followin
g you.

A few days back our very sexy Mallika Sherawat was invited to Twitter office in San Francisco. The lady was the only Bollywood actress to enjoy a huge fan base on this social networking site known as “Twitter”. Now she is facing a tough competition from her contemporary Priyanka Chopra who had just joined Twitter. Currently, if Mallika Sherawat has around 9,446 fans, Priyanka Chopra boasts of around 13,452 followers. It’s a record of sorts as the actress is just a month old on Twitter and has gained tremendous popularity ever since. If Mallika introduces herself as “Bollywood diva” on Twitter, Priyanka has status message “DA REAL DEAL”

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