According to media reports it was Shahid Kapoor, who asked Priyanka to join Twitter. Earlier, both the stars were Face book celebs and their wall-to-wall scribbling was grabbing a lot of media attention. As a source reveals, Priyanka is quite addicted to Twitter now and posts all the recent day-to-day happenings, as well as her thoughts on the site. One of her latest post says, “back to pyaar impossible sets... feels like im back home. last schedule.. :( one of those days where i question life.. hmmm..”)

But it’s strange that the actress is not using the platform to promote her next release “Kaminey”. She is just mentioning about her where abouts and twittering with her fellow like Uday Chopra and also Gul Panag.

For this desi girl the world of social networking is very exciting, she is also a gadget freak and loves interacting with her fans through web without any fear of being mobbed in the virtual world. Nowadays, she also likes clicking Pictures at events and also personal ones. Recently at an event she took pictures of the media persons and also of her mom and bro, which are available especially for her tweeps on Twitter.

Priyanka was quoted as saying, “I’m having a lot of fun (on Twitter)”. And the actress is hoping that her Twitter family increases with time.
That means we might see Priyanka, after Mallika, visiting Twitter headquarters soon.

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