Rithik’s statue is also taking its place in the famous museum named MADAM TUSAD MUSEUM in London. This is a great proud for india and of course for Rithik himself. Every one in india had heard of this Museum when the statue of Mr. Bacchan took its place there. And after that shahrukh’s was added there. This is great for Indians and they felt very happy about it.

This news is not how ever confir
med but had arised when some of the official members of this museum met Rithik and talked about it but not clear about what they talked. But most probably in this case only.

Some of Rithik’s fan also says about it
that Rithik had not yet gained that height of being SUPER STARS as compared to Amitabh Bachan and ShahRukh to take the place there. But it seems that museum is now trying to add more and more statues in their list and are finding their deserving stars for that.

Shahid is nominated for 12th Rajiv Gandhi award. Sachin Tendulkar,
Sunita Williams, Mukesh Ambani and Amitabh Bacchan got this award before it. Excited from this news Shahid says “iam only 28 years and getting this award in this short period of my working carrier is a big thing to achieve for me. I also thank jury for this.”

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