Today all the stars of bollywood placed them on multi screens. The are not doing only in big screens but of course on small screens also. Now the stars are trying to be in touch with their fans by taking place on the internet. They are personalizing their sites and want to have in regular touch with their fans and well wishers.

But the sad part of it arises when there arises a question of updating these websites. Some of them have not been updated for six months and some don’t have enough knowledge and content of that particular star which their fans are searching for. Some sites placed in this category are:

This site is still finding its way to update it regularly and providing some knowledgeable matter into it. Much are not going to this site for this reason only.the visitors can only find some attractive photos of him and not much else about Ajai devgan that people wanted to know about him.

This site of Salman khan is also among this category and was not updated regularly since last

few months. Only the attraction is that

Salman had his biography on it.

This site welcomes its viewer by the poster of Amir in Ghajani.

Chat and blog is only the two option and also are not working properly.

This site is unable to give any sort of personal

knowledge about A.R. rahman. Sound tracks

added in this are also some old ones of his. Next year it is

believed to add a biography of AR rahman in it, which can attract the visitors and his fans to his site.

this site contains his biography and some old photos of Bappi Lahiri. This site gives a fine idea of his looks and the dressing sense of Bappi DA.

He is much close to R.K. studio and football which is clear from his site. Football match covers a great part of this site. ‘my journey’ ‘wall of fame’ and ‘my passion’ added their attraction to this site.


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