Hot Bollywood Actresses Earn From Hindi But Don’t Know Hindi

In Hot Bollywood everything is filmy. Nothing is real which you can rely on. Leaving some of our hot Bollywood actresses like Prity Zinta, Kareena Kapoor, Bipasha Basu, Lara Datta, Divya Datta, Deepika Padukone, Asin, Kangana and Priyanka Chopra most of the other Bollywood actresses can’t even speak Hindi well. There are many and many film actresses who look good on screen and their dialogs in Hindi on the screen sound superb but this is all filmy. In their real life too they can’t even speak Hindi well. Most of these actresses are in the Hot Bollywood Industry from many years and earn from this Hindi filmy duniya but in real Hindi is far away from them.

Sonam Kapoor , the rising star of Hot Bollywood is one of such actresses who prefer talking in English rather than Hindi because when she tries to talk in Hindi, most of the words are hard to understand. Moreover, if you still try to talk to this actress in Hindi, you will probably get your answer in a mixture of Hindi and English language.

Soha Ali Khan also finds
it difficult to talk in Hindi
 and prefers to have English
surrounding. Aishwarya Rai
is a very successful and loving actress of our Hot Bollywood.
You will be surprised to know
that Aish is also one of them
who had done most of her
films with her voice dubbed.
It is in the news that Aish have
recently started giving her
dialogs herself in the films
but still sometimes she finds
difficulty with some Hindi words.

Neha Dhupia, the hot and sexy Bollywood babe do well with Hindi language but she when it comes to fluent speaking, she finds it difficult. Neha is happy with what she does and how she is and says that people should not look in her personal life but should concentrate on her performance on the screen. If it is talking about Hindi,
how can you forget Katrina Kaif.
She is the most pretty, charming,
hot and loving actresses of our
Hot Bollywood industry today.
Kat is far away from Hindi language
and you will hardly find her speaking
 in Hindi. She says that she is trying hard to learn Hindi language but it is not a day process.

Priyanka Chopra, a sexy babe of Hot Bollywood says that she has full control over her Hindi language and she cannot understand how one can find it difficult to talk in Hindi when she is earning from the same language. Priyanka says that she is a Desi girl and can deal with Hindi very well.

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