SALMAN KHAN –Wah Re India….Rice 40Rs per kg, Sim Card free

Salman khan one of the best actrors of the Hot Bollywood Industry is very upset with the present situation of India. According to this Hot Bollywood Star , India have everything, it is just the system is not correct and up to date.Salam says in India we get car loan at just 5 percent where as education loan is up to 12 percent.

Hot Salman asks a simple question, What is India?

In India we pray and worship Lord Durga but on the other hand we kill our own daughters before the birth itself. In the Olimpic games for shooting one gets the gold medal and our government gives 3 crore rupees but on other hand when a soilder dies while fighting at border, the same government provide their families with just 1 lakh Rupees.

Salman in his anger but as others just helpless says that this is our great India where for rice one have to pay 40 Rs per kg where as Sim Cards of mobile are absolutely free. Is this our developing India and with such situations can we have a better India tomorrow.

As this Hot shining Bollywood star, every other citizen of our country wonders today; What all luxury will we get free tomorrow and how high we have to pay for the drinking water and our daily meal in the near future.

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