Mamta Kulkarni

The very beautiful and hot actress of Bollywood, Mamta Kulkarn, was the heart throb of the youth. Saif Ali Khan, who is Today’s great star, had firstly worked with Mamta, but Mamta disappeared from the industry.  There are no ideas of well being of Mamta Kulkarni, but only guesses are there for her. No one knows that where she is? It is being reported that had indulged herself with the drugs business and is now under the bars. Some also says that she is in America and some others say that she is mentally ill at present as she had not coped up with her profession.

She was seen Topless on a magazine cover in 1993 and was highly criticized for it. Their neighbors in Mumbai said that she was seen in 2007 last time. Some believes that she is in Dubai and is waiting for the release of her boyfriend from the jail.

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