The most beautiful and talented Ex-Miss Universe and Bollywood actress Sushmita Sen again is wanting a child for her. Sush who has just been in 34 years is planning to adopt an another baby girl. Reports said that the beauty has visited an adoption centre recently to look for a baby girl and was also seen shopping for cute baby clothes on Linking Road. The reports also told that, Sush wants to complete her family with another female child.

It is already known that Sushmita had adopted a girl child in 2000 who was not in the best of her health. She named her Renee and thus became Bollywood’s first single mom!

The beautiful actress and model has various projects in her hand like; Dulha Mil Gaya starring Shahrukh Khan and Gulel with Ajay Devgn. It remains to be seen if these big banners will help Sush regain her lost glory!

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