The hot number of Kylie Minogue in the film ‘Blue’ can not work as affectively as it was thought. The hotness of the film because of Minogue seems to cool down. The hot number can not play that magic to make the film that hit. It was also reported that the song by this beautiful singer and actress alone costed some 55 crores of rupees. Despite of this it had not worked for the film.

Kylie was critcized for the item song in the film and some newspapers in Australia reported that Minogue had failed in her debut in the Bollywood film.

Although it was also reported that the film
had huge collections durin
g its first week only and is supposed to be a hit. It gained some 55 crores during its first weekend only. Bollywood seems to be very happy from the film as 50 percent of the total collection of bollywood during Diwali is from this film only.

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